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What Vaugel Sculpture Students Say

NOTE: Quotes & photos do not necessarily correlate.

I believe that Martine Vaugel, to put it plainly, is simply a genius! She is a sculptor that will be remembered past our lifetimes. I feel very honored and privileged to have studied privately with Martine in her studio in France. I found her to have an enormous passion for Sculpting and that passion flowed effortlessly into her teaching style. She was committed to making sure ‘I got it’!... Bingo, Bango, Bongo! I hear Martine everyday I sculpt, she is with me and sits lightly on my shoulder guiding me. I have taken home comprehensive books of notes, a vast amount of practical skills, sculptures and many wonderful memories. For all of these I feel very blessed and grateful. I would highly recommend Martine and her “Vaugel Method” to anyone wishing to pursue sculpting as a career or a passion! Thank you Martine!

~ Shona Lyon - graduate 2008, Private Intensive Study Program in France

I just returned from six weeks of portrait and figure sculpture workshops with Martine Vaugel, in the Loire Valley, France. I wanted a solid foundation in portrait and figure sculpting; in emails and over the phone she guaranteed me she could provide that--and she definitely delivered. Most of all, I learned that portrait sculpture is work--and, with her guidance and by watching her, I learned how to work, how to see, how to use the tools, deal with clay, how to notice mistakes, how to understand and correct them. Solid. Of special interest to me was how Martine's method is readily adaptable to doing portraits from photos. Plus, where she lives in France is utterly beautiful, and the other people who attended her workshops were fun to both work and hang out with. 

Dennis Leroy Stillwell 2016

Thank you for your kind words, blessings and of course invaluable guidance. I truly feel honored and fortunate to have studied with you Martine; my passionate and visionary teacher. You took me in as one of your protégés and for that I am forever grateful. I hope this monument can stand as a testament to the treasures you offered.

~ Branly Cadet

The three weeks I spent in Martine Vaugel's workshops were the most amazing weeks of my life as an artist. Martine is truly a master, and the impact her teaching had on my sculpting skills was staggering. I can't recommend the program highly enough. In fact, her courses should be a primer for life. Anyone with the means and the desire to learn about truth in art should sign up immediately for Martine's program.

~ C.W., Director Continuing Education, College of Architecture,
Georgia Institute of Technology

Martine is a remarkable teacher. She is vigilant, generous and has an unerring eye. She commnicates clearly, succinctly and freely with her students. She has had an enormous influence on my art and my life.

~ L.S.M., painter, NC

Me voilà revenue du stage chez Martine VAUGEL, une semaine en sa compagnie. J'ai découvert une femme généreuse, un sculpteur de génie, une ambiance très très studieuse et en même temps chaleureuse, une semaine très très enrichissante, très constructive, moi qui avait déjà fait des "têtes" seule, j'ai approfondi mes connaissances sur des bases solides, la méthode "VAUGEL".......

~ Francine

My wife and I felt the time we spent studying with Martine a rare gift. She is acknowledged by other professional artists we know as being "the best." When we saw Martine's work for the first time it was apparent she had talent that was not only rare in the world today, but in times past as well. Sculpting class was not only fun, but gave us the feeling we were part of something powerful. Those classes have had a lasting effect on my work today and my creative sensibilitiesoverall.

~ K.W.R, NC

I feel Martine will be known to future generations of artists as a pioneer of the new age, one who blends a powerful aesthetic with an absolute knowledge of the figure. It is because of this unique knowledge of form, her wealth of techniques and method, her disciplined sensitive talents relating to her students, as well as her knowledge of anatomy and structure that I have been studying with her.

~ V.W., Painter & instructor of anatomy and drawing, 
Art Center School of Design Pasedena, Calif.

As a veteran of over ten years of art training and countless teachers, I have found Martine to be one of the best I have ever had. Through her clear concise method I was not only able to master the logistics of sculpture, but also understand the concepts of space and form and gesture which have made other ideas I have been dealing with clearer and more practically possible.

~ N.G., Grad, NYAA

Martine has helped my drawing immensly by stressing in a new way the emphasis of the skeleton......her geometric approach is the clearest most concise way I've found to approach drawing.

~ S.V., Grad. NYAA

This class has given me the structure to continue my quest to become a sculptor. Martine Vaugel is a gifted teacher. I wish I had begun my studies with her, however, having had several other teachers who taught me technique, I now know the difference between technique and structure, which step by step is the key to creating a work of art that has integrity and strength.

~ J.H.

While studying in France is a dream come true, studying with Martine far exceeds those dreams.

~ R.C.


Je viens de rentrer chez moi en la Californie après six semaines de stage de sculpture avec Martine Vaugel, chez elle, en Maine et Loire. Je cherchais une formation de base dans la sculpture et de la portraiture et du corps humain. A travers des emails et des coups de téléphone elle me la garantie. Et, en fin de compte, elle en avait forte raison et je n’etais point deçu. Surtout, j’ai apris que la sculpture est un travail, et sous sa gérerance et en la voyant travailler, j’ai apris comment moi même travailler, voir, me server des outils, manier l’argile, noter les erreurs et comment les comprendre and les corriger. Une foundation solide. En plus, et d’intérêt personnel spécial, Martine m’a apris comment appliquer sa méthod à la portraiture faite des photos. Finalement, qu’est que c’est belle la région d’Anjou tout autour de chez elle; et qu’est qu’ils etaient tant sympas tous les gens qui faisaient les stages en meme temps que moi.

~ Dennis

Martine's technique is invaluable to painters and other 2D artists. I know what I learned will transfer into my painting with great benefit, this was phenomenal information.

~ E.T.

I came unable to draw or sculpt and doubtful of my ability to learn either. One month later I have learned to do both.... I have gained a solid education, a new love of the visual and a posession of a seeing eye I never thought I'd incredible experience.

~ S.C., NY, NY

In a world of useless artspeak and gap-filled technique training in the fine arts, Martine is a breath of fresh air. Equally masterful at her craft and teaching, Martine remains committed to generously disseminating methodological information to the student of sculpture. She is a very, very rare find!

~ K.M., painter, instructor

Je voulais te dire que j'ai été vraiment très heureuse de faire ce stage avec toi, de découvrir tes techniques de construction du portrait en partant d'un seul côté et en appliquant ensuite la "balance" pour équilibrer l'autre côté bien sûr cette construction à partir du squelette du crâne.

~ Sylvie


Jai été très heureuse de faire ce stage et ai appris une méthode qui me servira dorénavant Merci pour ta générosité d'enseignement et à bientôt Bises amicales.

~ Diane

Bonjour Martine, un grand merci pour ce que tu m'as appris j'ai refait des cranes génériques c'est vraiment fantastique car j'ai refait des bustes avec simplicité !!

MERCI, je t'embrasse.


Chère Martine , Tout va très bien , les statues sont bien arrivées , elles sont à Paris et j’ai reçu beaucoup de félicitations pour ce travail Encore un très grand merci pour votre gentillesse et pour votre grand talent , j’ai fait des progrès formidables et j’espère devenir un grand ( et vieux ) sculpteur . Je vous embrasse très affectueusement.

~ Patrick

Merci martine pour cette belle semaine passee avec vous tous. bravo pour ta methode qui en effet est fantastique je te passe les photos dans un autre message je t'embrasse et te dis à très bientot.

~ Josephine

Martine is one of the clearest and most sincere teachers I have ever studied with...Michael Grimaldi and I started a school. I teach a Saturday portrait class which heavily relies on what I learned from you, including the front lower six teeth being a front plane.

~ B.S., Painter, Painting Instructor...NY, NY

The week I spent with Martine has taken my sculpture to a whole new realm of realism. She is an extraordinary teacher, simplifying difficult concepts and techniques

~ L.W.

For the first time in my life I was able to really learn about structure,technique and craft in Martine's scuplture class. I grew on so many levels, discovering aspects about myself both personally and artistically pushing me to discover what I am capable of as an artist and craftsman.

~ V.W.

I took a two-week sabbatical to L.A. and took part in a workshop given by Martine. It was an eye-opener for me. She has a structured approach to teaching portrait and figurative sculpture which is unique. It introduced me to a very fundamental concept of how to interpret the body's landmarks. The portrait I produced inher workshop is one of my very best.

~ R.B., SC sculptor

One student's P.o.V.

While studying in France is a dream come true, studying with Martine far exceeds those dreams.




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