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"Sculpture is my raison d'etre"

Angel on display at Cathedral

About Martine

Martine Vaugel is an internationally acclaimed sculptor and winner of two awards in the International Rodin Grand Prize Monumental Figure Competition. Her work can be found in Japan’s Hakone and Utsukushi-ga hara Open Air Museums, The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, The Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, The New Tate Modern Museum, Nelson Rockefeller Collection, the collections of Presidents’ Carter, Aquino, Gorbachev, Reagan and Bush. She also has sculpted Mayor Tom Bradley, Mother Teresa, Sir Richard Attenborough, and additional sculptures are displayed at Self Realization Fellowship, Patsouras Plaza in the City of Los Angeles, UCLA Medical Center, and at the Chateau Brissac in France.

She was awarded a Bronze Medal and a Silver Medal in the Salon des Artistes Francais 2013 & 2016 respectively, in the Grand Palais in Paris. She also received the First Prize in the Versaille Biennal d’arte Contemporaire 2017.

Martine also won the Arthur LeDuc Jury Prize for the best sculpture in the Salon Des Artistes Francais in the 2018 ART CAPITOL at the Grand Palais in Paris France.

Her celebrity portraits include, Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley, William Polk Carey, John Lennon, Sylvester Stallone, Michelle Pfeiffer, Ronald Reagan, Katherine Hepburn, Nick Nolte, Lee Majors and many more. 

She was Sculpture Director at the New York Academy of Art, taught Portrait and Figure Modeling at the Sculpture Center in NYC, and has opened four studio schools in California, North Carolina, New York and France. Martine receives heartfelt and rave reviews from both students and commission clients alike and a partial list can be viewed on her Testimonials page.


"When I was growing up, I always knew I was an artist and my purpose as an artist was to create art. Then one day I realized that the real purpose of art was to create artists."
Martine Vaugel

From the Artist

About the artist

My artistic truth

"As an artist, I am a seeker of the divine in all things. I am also a believer in the reality of change through personal expression. I believe that art is a spiritually alive creative relationship between the artist and the viewer, with the intention of uplifting and elevating the planet through its creation. Therefore using the beauty of form, the fragile nature of our beings in relationship to infinite wisdom is what I strive to remember and attempt to describe in my work. I also acknowledge that I am the product of the great artists that have come before me, whose art has inspired and propelled me throughout my life. I therefore humbly salute the future with my sculptures and my teaching."

Portrait commissions

"Portraits are a universal form for expressing mythological and heroic archetypes. Doing a portrait combines my love of capturing the spirit of a person, with the assignment of finding the most essential aspects of their humanity, their achievements, and their dreams. A successful portrait combines all these things and transcends the personal to create a work of art that stands alone, as well as a heroic representation of the best aspects of each specific individual sculpted. It has always been my desire to bring out the strongest and clearest visionary aspects of the talented people I am commissioned to sculpt."


“Taking personal responsibility and returning the gift of expression through art is my intention as a teacher. To give students the tools and a method that will work to help them manifest their dreams. In a relaxed studio atmosphere, I teach the visual techniques and physical controls that are essential for the structured knowledge demanded in the creation of great portrait and figure sculpture."

To summarize...

Ms. Vaugel expresses her love affair with the human spirit in the hundreds of small to medium size bronzes she displays in museums, private collections and her studios both in France and America. See examples in the Gallery.

Martine has been commissioned to do monuments and portraits (public and private) and continues to take (2) Commissions per year.

When not working on scuplture, Martine Vaugel is the proud teacher of thousands of figure sculptors who use her method around the world. Her teaching methods have been documented in videos and several books are currently in production.

If you'd like to study with Martine, please see Study Programs.

If you'd like to pursue Private Instruction with Martine Vaugel in France, please read more in Private Studies. If you're passing through the Loire Valley and would like a very special place to stay, please check availablity of lodgings in Martine's beloved village, Les Cerqueux Sous Passavant.

Martine Vaugel

Connect with Martine

"To help myself and others manifest heaven on earth through the use of creative energy and the divine art of sculpting, this is my goal."

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