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For students unable to attend class, or simply wishing to be prepared for any of Martine’s classes beforehand, we highly recommend purchasing either (or both) of the DVD’s (or USB flash drives), teaching The Vaugel Sculpture Method.

"Sculpting the Portrait in Clay" by MARTINE VAUGEL Cost:  75 €+ 5 € shipping (PayPal)
"Sculpting the Figure in Clay" by MARTINE VAUGEL Cost:  75 € + 5 € shipping (PayPal)

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Sculpting the Figure in Clay

The Vaugel Sculpture Method

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The Vaugel Sculpture Method consists of seeing geometric relationships between fundamental points of the body and the head to create a “grid-like model,” incorporating proportions (as diagonals). This is done from the front, two sides and back views. This 3 dimensional structure creates a dependable method to judge one’s accuracy, without obscuring the creative excitement of any aspiring artist.

Sculpting the Portrait in Clay

The Vaugel Sculpture Method

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Begins with a lecture on, then the creation of a generic skull. Boney landmarks are fully observed and recreated and the geometric relationships between them are highlighted. The generic skull is then transformed into the skull of the model, and clay modeling techniques are taught to create the portrait.

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